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when you are looking for VPNs that unblock Amazon Prime

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Best VPN for watching Amazon Prime Video in 2020!

January 29, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Don’t you just hate how you could be charged to watch a video from  Amazon prime  only to be blocked out.
How about when you move to another country, and you realize you can’t access your favorite  videos  anymore.
Or just the nagging feeling that someone is watching over your shoulder in a world where anonymity and privacy are slowly fading away.
Well, guess what.
Thanks to technology, you can now use VPNs that have survived and still going strong in 2020 to gain full access to  Amazon Prime .
Whenever, wherever, and with peace of mind.
Contents0.1   Amazon Prime  Video.
0.2  How VPN works?.
1  What is VPN?1.1  ExpressVPN1.1.1  Verdict.
1.2  NordVPN1.2.1  Verdict.
1.3  CyberGhost1.3.1  Verdict.
1.4  PrivateVPN1.4.1  Verdict.
1.5  Ivacy1.5.1  Verdict.
1.6  SaferVPN1.6.1  Verdict.
1.7  BulletVPN1.7.1  Verdict.
1.8  Keenow VPN1.8.1  Verdict.
1.9  TorGuard1.9.1  Verdict.
1.10  Final thoughts.
Amazon Prime  Video .
Amazon Prime  video  is definitely one of the leaders in video streaming.
However, Amazon users mostly have to wait for months for new American TV shows to be translated into other languages or transmitted past geo-restricted areas.
A VPN offers a great solution if you don’t want to wait for that long.
Additionally, since you can only stream Prime Video in the US only, those outside the country need to ‘trick’ Amazon to assume they are in the US for them to be able to unblock  Amazon Prime .
How VPN works.
VPN encrypts all your traffic on the web and routes it via an inter media ry server in an area you prefer.
The location can be in the US so that you can stream videos outside the  United States .

A VPN will let you stream instant videos and Amazon Prime in another nation on a Mac OSX

Windows PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Linux.
One of the challenges that people are facing is the VPN blocks, and even Amazon Prime is using them.
It is very effective at blocking VPN.
Only a few providers are able to beat the VPN ban.

In this best VPN for watching Amazon Prime review

we will provide you with VPN that still work.
Using a dependable VPN service that can bypass anti VPN tech will always be the easiest and quickest way to bypass these blocks.
In the past, .

It was easier to stream outside the US with most VPNs with servers in the United States

However, this has changed since Amazon’s firewall has become stricter.
However, .

A number of VPNs can still bypass the VPN ban by Amazon

In this review, .

You will find a curated list of Best VPN for watching Amazon Prime

The list is based on:  Many servers in the United States.
Speeds that are stable and fast.

Beat the Amazon Prime VPN block

Kindle fire tabs apps.
Availability of live customer service.
Money back guarantee.
DNS leak security.
What is VPN.
It is a server that you can connect with to reroute your web activities.
The server can hide your IP completely or make it appear like you are located in a different location.
As said above, a few years ago, .

Almost any VPN with servers in the United States could unblock Amazon Prime

However, .

This is not the case anymore; Amazon Prime is conducting a crackdown on VPNs

Those providers who were able to unblock Prime last year might not be available today.
Because of this, when you are looking for VPNs that unblock Amazon Prime, the result will change from time to time.
The following VPNs have managed to avoid the VPN ban by Amazon Prime and are still functional in 2020: ExpressVPN.
This is one of the leading VPNs you can find in the market.
It features solid security, fast speeds, amazing customer service, and well-designed apps.
Amazon Prime streams well on select United States servers, so it is always wise to contact the 24/7 chat support at ExpressVPN to inquire about the servers that are working with Prime Video.
Most reviews say that ExpressVPN to be the most effective VPN that you can use to stream Amazon Prime videos.
You can use three simultaneous gadgets.
It is also compatible with almost all devices including Android devices, Linux, iOS and more.
Other highlights are robust security, good speeds, 24/7 support, and intuitive cross-platform client.
What you will like  Compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and windows.
High speeds.
Can unblock Amazon Prime and other streaming services.
Stable security specs.
24/7 live chat support.
Accepts Bitcoin.
30-day money-back refund.
You can have three concurrent connections.
More than two thousand servers in more than 90 nations.
No logs of your data.
What you might not like  There are services that you can get more configurations for power subscribers.
When you are looking for a service that has your back always, gives you convenience, and value for your money, .

Then ExpressVPN emerges on top when it comes to VPNs

It is a reliable and fast server that will unblock Amazon Prime plus other streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.
You can also use it to stream in HD.
It qualifies as our editor’s choice given that it checks every requirement a great VPN should have.
It operates a number of Amazon Prime servers.
Users should ask the support team via live chat for the working servers.
If you are using Kindle Fire HD, you will have to look for an Android APK from any sister website since you cannot find the Android application on Amazon app store.
The server uses secure encryption and maintains a no logs rule to ensure that each user’s privacy is safe.
Additionally, speeds are fast enough in most instances and the streams are in HD.
Users can use up to six gadgets at once on one subscription.
You will find apps for IOS, windows, and Android.
What you will like  Servers designed to be compatible with Amazon Prime.
It is possible to connect six gadgets simultaneously.
Safe and secure encryption.
Live Chat customer service.
What you might not like  Might be slow when you are trying to stream.
In terms of budget, NordVPN will give you value for your cash.
It is an all-rounded server that performs great when you are streaming Amazon Prime videos, also It comes with package that allows up to six devices to connect simultaneously from the same account.
You will also have the privilege of a one-month cash refund.
They recently improved their abilities to unblock and introduced a few video streaming platforms to their roster which includes Amazon Prime.
The Android and Windows versions let users choose a server according to the platform it can unblock therefore you don’t have to use the customer support.
According to many reviews, speeds are great.
As of now, CyberGhost has over one thousand servers in more than 60 countries.
It has stable encryption, and there are zero logs of your IP address or activity.
You will find apps for Android and iOS.
What you will like  Amazing speeds.
It can unblock Amazon Prime.
Available support via live chat.
No logs rule to enhance privacy.
What you might not like  You might find it hard to access other streaming platforms.
CyberGhost is your choice if you are looking for a VPN that you can use without hardships (you don’t need to be tech savvy), and gives you a great value for your money.
Many reviews have shown that this server is well-priced and a solid performer.
It also comes with one and a half cash back refund.
It is a newer and smaller provider, but it has managed to keep up with the giants.
It can unblock almost everything including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
Most servers are compatible with Prime Video.
Users can send a message to the customer support, and as the location of the server you can connect to or make a wild guess.
Despite having fewer servers, Private VPN performs very well when it comes to speeds.
No one can crack its encryption.
You can also connect up to six gadgets simultaneously on a single subscription.
One downside is you can only find Android app on Google Play.
Therefore, if you are using Fire TV and Fire tablet you need to setup the VPN manually.
You will find apps available for iOS, Windows, and Android.
What you will like  You can have six simultaneous connections.
Unblocks Amazon Prime and others such as Hulu and Netflix.
Strong encryption and no logs stored.
High scores when it comes to speed test.
30-day money back guarantee.
What you might not like  Support via live chat is not 24/7.
Less network of servers compared to rivals.
The PrivateVPN is great for the family.
Despite having fewer servers, its connections are fast.
It is one of the VPNs still working even after a period of blocks by Amazon to shut most VPN subscribers from using Amazon Prime.
Ivacy can unblock Amazon Prime in a most PC browsers even on the Android and iOS apps.
It can also unblock Hulu and Netflix.
You can know the best server via live chat support on the website.
Speeds with Ivacy are fast so you can stream great quality videos with no interruptions.
Zero logs policy and secure encryption to ensure every online activity are private when you are connected.
Ivacy allows up to five concurrent connections.
Applications are available for iOS, Windows, and Android.
What you will like  Low cost.
Designed specifically for streaming.
Good customer service.
30-day money back guarantee.
Ivacy is fast and secure.
What you might not like  No proxy or Tor compatibility.
Not popular.
If longevity and track record are anything to go by, then you can trust to live long with Ivacy.
It will guarantee you peace of mind in terms of functionality and security.
It is affordable, versatile and supports multiple devices.
It gives users an easy and fast way of unblocking Amazon Prime.
Its server makes it easier for the VPN ban by Amazon.
It comes with a friendly beginner application in which a streaming server is different from the non-streaming server in the United States.
Because of this, you don’t need to ask the customer service to find a server that works best.
However, if you have any issues, you can always contact the customer support available 24/7.
SaferVPN also scores highly when it comes to speed tests, so there are no quality issues or buffering.
What you will like  Compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android.
A server that can unblock Amazon Prime.
Easy and fast to use application.
Zero logs policy.
What you might not like  Advanced subscribers cannot access some features.
Privacy might not be guaranteed because of public Domain Name System servers in some areas.
SaferVPN is easy to use and can achieve great speeds.
You can rely on when it comes to unblocking Amazon Prime.
You can also unblock others such as Hulu while keeping your personal details secure.

BulletVPN unblocks Amazon Prime with ease

The providers have a great selection of servers in 22 nations, smart DNS, several VPN protocols, as well as great customer service.
The huge selection of servers in the United States is what you require to unblock Amazon Prime and BulletVPN gives you that.
What you will like  P2P is allowed.
Unblocks Amazon Prime.
Many US servers.
Great server coverage.
Unlimited bandwidth.
30-day money back guarantee.
Smart cross-platform software.
What you might not like  No kill switch.
Session logs.
Unknown tech specs.
Bullet VPN is affordable, secure, gets the job done, and gives you more service for just one subscription.
Keenow VPN.
This is an Israeli VPN and smart DNS provider with the aim of unblocking geo-restricted streaming services which include Amazon Prime.
The provider gets the streaming job done.
It is available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Windows, Mac and it lets you smart DNS on an even larger device.
The company has a sleek PC app that combines the VPN and smart DNS, so you don’t have to use the manual setup.
What you will like  Secure.
Unblocks Amazon Prime and other streaming services.
Easy to use.
Kill switch.
Accepts Bitcoin.
Timely support.
A free plan.
Virtual Router Wi-Fi Hotspot.
What you might not like  A small network of servers.
Can have slow speeds at times.
If you hate the restrictions that come with many other VPNs regarding how many devices you can use, then Keenow VPN is your choice.
There is no limit to how many devices you can use at a go with this VPN.
It is a solid US-based VPN with the aim of streaming and P2P file sharing.
It has a number of speedy servers in the US.
You can use it for streaming and gaming activities.
It is super-fast, and you can connect five simultaneous connections.
You can unblock Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO among other streaming services.
What you will like  Ad blocking.
More than 3000 servers.
Strong security.
24/7 live support.
No logs.
Streaming IP plans.
What you might not like  Might need users to have some technical knowledge.
If you are into gaming and speed means everything to you, then Torguard will give it to you with no hesitation.
Final thoughts.

You just need a VPN to stream videos from Amazon Prime if you are outside the US

You don’t have to feel intimidated by setups that seem complex because there are VPNs available for everyone- noobs, and advanced users.
Get ExpressVPN The great part is you can find a VPN that is compatible with nearly every operating system without spending much.
You can also choose one that is within your budget range, within your usage limit in terms of the number of devices, your preferred speed and whether or not privacy is your top priority.
Make your pick now and enjoy.
It is our hope that this review of the Best VPN for watching Amazon Prime will help you choose an ideal VPN provider that will not only unblock your best streaming service when abroad but also protect your privacy when you are online.
Amazon Prime.
How To Guides.
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JulesJusty says:                        January 30, 2019 at 1:46 pm                               I’ve only tried NordVPN from the list, I didn’t need to look any further because it seemed to work fine.
I had a couple of servers that were a little slow, but as soon as I switched to the less crowded ones – I was sorted.
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