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a South American voyage is exactly what you need

You’ve decided it’s time for a getaway.
A break from the humdrum of your everyday vocation.
But the logistics of vacation planning suddenly adds to the very stress you’re trying to escape.
There’s more to choose from than the go-to beach resort in Mexico or the same European city you visit every year.
You may be craving more adventure, history, nature, wildlife, and without even knowing it, a South American voyage is exactly what you need.
Inca archeological sites, city-life with tango and wine, the most breathtaking waterfalls and beaches — wrapped up into one unforgettable custom trip.
Don’t throw your PTO out on a half-baked vacation when you can indulge yourself in a South American voyage across Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.
This trip combines culture, dance, relaxation, and adventure — carefully crafted by expert travel guides for a personalized itinerary that maximizes time spent at each destination.
Leave the chaos behind and embark on this 12-day expedition that gives you a true taste of the diverse terrain and culture of South America.
Even the most seasoned travelers will be taken aback by the majesty of this trip.

Peru Begin your expedition surrounded by the peaks of the Andes in Peru’s Sacred Valley
Modern day and Incan past merge together to provide a rich experience of the valley

Let the stress of emails, meetings, and deadlines melt away as you take in the artesian markets and Incan ruins at your own leisurely pace.
Enjoy professionally crafted experiences such as:  Tour the Maras salt mines and Moray terraces Peruvian Paso horse demonstration groomed and bred at Wayra Ranch Scenic 1st Class Vistadome train ride to the foot of Machu Picchu    Spend a full 24 hours in a privately guided tour through the secret mountains of Machu Picchu.
Watch the sun rise and fall through the peaks and valleys of this World Wonder as your private tour guide leads you through a remote journey unbothered by crowds and tourists.
Enjoy your last couple days in Peru strutting through the cobblestone streets of the Inca capital — Cusco.

Taste the culinary genius of authentic Peruvian cuisine

take on an aerial view of Cusco from Sacsayhuaman and let your travel specialist lead you through the city’s secrets.

Argentina After a week of soaking in the rich indigenous culture and history of Peru

dive into the fast-paced cosmopolitan capital of Argentina.
Buenos Aires is bound to have you dancing through the city streets by the end of the first day.
Much like New York City.

Buenos Aires’ city structure is in grids

lined with monumental 19th-century buildings.
Your private tour guide will introduce you to the heart of the city’s architecture with popular sights including Casa Rosada government palace, the vibrant alley ways of La Boca, San Telmo and everything in between.
Experience the pulsating nightlife first-hand with a gourmet dinner and tango show at Buenos Aires’ finest tango venue.
Choose from wine tastings, bars, operas, .

And theatres for a more leisurely Argentine experience
Brazil Make your way out of Argentina and into Brazil through a private

close-up tour of the breathtaking Iguazu Falls, with views from both countries.
Experience two unique sides of the second South American World Wonder by a personal boat ride through the falls.
A true paradise, the Iguazu Falls will leave you speechless as you experience the most hidden of the 270 waterfalls, with the option to take a helicopter ride for an aerial view.

Spend your last couple of days exploring the best of Rio

A private city tour will take you through the capital of Brazil by cable car to the coastline from Sugarloaf.
Without missing out on any of the city’s popular sights and landmarks, your private guides will provide a cultural and authentic tour that any local would approve of.
Dance your last evening away on a city night tour to experience Rio’s samba culture in the Lampa district.
You will then have the entire last day to shop, lay on popular beaches, .

And taste authentic Brazilian dishes before your return to reality

Interrupt your day-to-day responsibilities with a trip that will leave you inspired and rested from the exotic diversity each country has to offer.
Ditch the vacation planning and let our travel experts craft this unforgettable experience without lifting a finger.
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