Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with a larger screen Interestingly

05 Feb 2019 by No Comments What does the world’s widest QHD monitor look like.
UltraSharp U4919DW.
Cool Gadgets If you look at the image above you could think that it’s photoshopped image.
But it’s not.
It’s just a monitor that will make you think seriously if you need a larger office at home.
It’s time to say goodbye to your secondary monitors that you use on your PC.
That’s because Dell introduce d a 49-inch colossal display with a design which will make any TV in the house look dwarfed.
There are a lot of big monitors on the market, but what makes the UltraSharp U4919DW stand out is the QHD resolution of 5120×1440 pixels.
The price is far from cheap.
If you want to buy this display, you will have to spare between $1400 – $1600, depending on the offer.
It is large enough to be broken into… Read More 20 Jan 2019 by No Comments #10yearchallenge: what did the top 10 phones look like 10 years ago?.
Smartphones The last 10 years have come with truly spectacular transformation s for most gadgets, especially for smartphones.
Because we are still in the middle of the #10yearchallenge phenomenon, today I have decided to show you a different transformation of the last decade.
Specifically, you will see how the top 10 phones on the market look now, and how their predecessors looked 10 years ago.
iPhone 3GS / iPhone XS iPhone 3GS, originally named the iPhone 3G S, is a touchscreen smartphone, designed and marketed by Apple Inc.
It is the third generation iPhone, the successor of the iPhone 3G.
It was introduced back in 2009, at WWDC 2009, which took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco .
Samsung Galaxy 7500 / Galaxy Note 9 The Samsung Galaxy 7500 is the… Read More 06 Jan 2019 by No Comments Was Samsung Galaxy S10 spotted in the wild?.
Smartphones The series of rumors and unofficial images on Samsung Galaxy S10 continues on the Internet.

Evan Blass has posted on Twitter a picture of a Galaxy S10 (Beyond 1)

the standard model of the new series.
Acording to Evan, the picture is real, it’s not a rendering image.
We can see the Infinity-O screen with the integrated front camera, along with the small photo sensor port visible at the top right.
In this way, the smartphone has very thin edges, although many say they are not sot found of the presence of a fairly visible edge at the bottom of the gadget.
Unfortunately, we can only see the front of the upcoming Galaxy S10 phone, but the model will probably have a triple room on the back, horizontally arranged.
The… Read More 06 Jan 2019 by No Comments LG could launch its first smartphone without a traditional speaker.
Smartphones LG and Samsung want to launch phones with Sound on Display (SoD), a technology that will replace the classic speaker.
With the new technology, the smartphones will no longer need a speaker, so manufacturers will be able to give up the edge of the device.
These will no longer be necessary, especially since the fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen, as well as the integrated camera, will soon become common specifications.
That way, we can finally have full edge-to-edge displays without those annoying notches or sliding mechanisms.
Samsung plans to introduce a Samsung Galaxy prototype with SoD technology at CES 2019 Technology Fair.
However, we could also see the first official presentation of a smartphone with this special technology: it’s about the new LG G8, wrote @OnLeaks.
According to my… Read More 16 Dec 2018 by No Comments The video top of the top 10 phones launched in 2018.
Smartphones If we take a look back at all the smartphones that were introduced this year, we can conclude that we had a great year in terms of tech and gadgets.
Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Google and Huawei have struggled to impress with the 2018 models and we say they have succeeded.
Here’s what a top video shows of the top 10 phones launched in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 For those who have searched for a large

powerful, fast, productivity and entertainment smartphone, Note 9 can be the perfect answer.

Samsung has been able to bring a spectacular display

great battery, top features, great camera and premium design to this model.
Of course, the price is as well.
But for those with a more limited budget, Notes 8 can… Read More Oct 2018 by No Comments Top 5 gaming consoles that you can buy this Black Friday 2018.
Video Games When we are talking about entertainment, gaming is one of the most popular forms there is.
That’s why I thought it would be nice to share some ideas that should help you fix you Black Friday 2018 wish list.
Now, let’s look at some of the best consoles that you can buy this year on Black Friday Day, along with some general reasons why you should choose them.
While manufacturers such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have already captured large segments of the market, other names like Sega and Atari, as well as smaller manufacturers, are trying to grow in popularity.
We will not tackle all consoles on the market at this time, but rather the most important of them.
So, let’s begin with my favorite.
Nintendo Switch Nintendo… Read More 04 Oct 2018 by No Comments How to choose an external HDD.
Reviews Are you looking for an external HDD to store files on your computer.
If you do not have more space to store data on your PC or if you are afraid of losing your data and you want to back it up, the right choice is to buy an external hard drive.
It will store as many files as you can bring with you and view on any computer.
In order to buy a great HDD that’s perfect for you there is no need for special skills.
Just concentrate on some fundamental aspects of these devices.
In particular, you should consider the following: the capacity the quality (the brand) the rotation speed the speed of data transfer power consumption Before starting with the analysis of the main features of a… Read More 27 Sep 2018 by No Comments Samsung Galaxy S10 series will include three models.
Smartphones According to SamMobile.

The three Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones were recorded as SM-G970F

SM-G973F and SM-G975F.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 coded G970F will have a 5.8-inch flat screen

while the Samsung Galaxy S10 G973F will have a curved screen of 5.8 inches.

The last Samsung Galaxy S10 in he series

the G975F, will have a curved screen of 6.44 inches.
As a result.

Samsung is returning to flat-screen phones

after launching only curved-screen models in recent years.
The Galaxy S7 was the latest premium flat-panel smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with a larger screen Interestingly, the G975F could be called Galaxy S10+,and it will have an even larger screen than Galaxy Note 9.
One of the smaller phones in the series will have just one camera on the back and… Read More 24 Sep 2018 by No Comments Samsung officially introduced its first triple camera phone.
Smartphones Samsung officially introduced its first triple camera smartphone.
This is not a range peak but a mid-range model that will cost a lot less than we believed.

The new Samsung Galaxy A7 was announced in a press release from Samsung

This is confirmed by the rumors that mention this gadget as the first Samsung smartphone with this type of camera.
A 3 system camera was first introduced by Huawei on the P20 Pro.
Samsung Galaxy A7: triple camera phone The Samsung Galaxy A7 has a 24MP + 8MP (ultra wide angle) + 5MP triple camera on its back.
The 24MP main lens has a similar technology to the Huawei P20 Pro system that combines information from four pixels into one in order to obtain better picture quality.
Now, talking about… Read More 18 Sep 2018 by No Comments Pixel 3 XL will be released soon.
Smartphones Google will introduce its new flagship on October 9 in New York.
The new models, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, will have dual front cameras, wireless charging.

The Pixel 3 will have a 5.3-inch screen

while the larger version, the Pixel 3 XL, will have a giant screen of 6.7 inches.

Google already has serious problems with the premium Pixel 3 XL

Although the phone has not yet been officially launched, several units have come into the hands of smugglers, being sold for sale in Ukraine at a price of $ 2,000 a piece.
These phones may have been stolen from a shipping ship.
Details and pictures of these gadgets have appeared online, spoiling the surprise Google has prepared.
However, the published information is very important for experts, .

But… Read More Posts navigation

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