Find the right people: Define a precise research sample

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Dimensional Research® is a practical m ark et research firm that applies a proven methodology to each client project.
Most research projects will include the following steps regardless of the scope, objectives, research vehicle, or target audience:   Define goals: Formulate the research questions and outline clear project goals.
Together, we will establish what a successful project looks like and get all of the issues out on the table.
At this stage we will select the best research vehicle to meet your goals .
Your project may require a focus group, in-depth interview s, surveys, or a mix of these depending on the goals, location of your target audience, timing, and budget.
Find the right people: Define a precise research sample.
Who is the audience that can provide the insight s that you need.
What are their titles and roles?.
Which geographies?.
At this stage we develop the Recruiting Guide — a very specific set of requirements for who you want to talk to — and who you DON’T want to talk to.

Ask the right questions: Question design is crucial to a successful research project

For focus groups and in-depth interviews, we develop the interview guide/ moderator ’s guide.
This guide will be used in all research to ensure that each participant responds to a consistent set of input, although as smart moderators who understand your goals we will drill-down as needed to fully understand drivers.
The guide will also be instrumental in facilitating the thought process of participant s to ensure that they are always given an opportunity to give honest feedback.
For Web surveys quest ion design is particularly important to ensure that participants always have an option to say what they really think and are never forced to pick an answer that doesn’t represent their real opinion.
Conduct research: Our successful execution will ensure the outcome meets the goals of your project.
Analyze results: We will take all of the input and filter the actionable data into an easily understood report.
This information will be presented in a report that delivers both a concise summary with actionable information for executives and the deeper level of detail for line managers.

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