Help & Manual – ImagePrinter Pro

Help & Manual – ImagePrinter Pro.
Welcome to ImagePrinter Pro – a convenient and smart virtual printer software for all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

You can use ImagePrinter Pro to convert your PDFs

MS Office documents, and web pages into portable print-ready image formats like TIFF or PNG.
Also, you’ll enjoy lots of other features like watermarks and thumbnails, .

As well as seamless support of e-mail and HTTP/FTP servers

ImagePrinter Pro automatically integrates into all applications on your PC that allow any printing options MS Office, web browsers, e-mail clients, viewers, text editors, and so on.

We hope that you’ll find ImagePrinter Pro useful in many ways

Introduction Key Features.

Activation and Updates Online Activation

Offline Activation.
Deactivate license.

Install and Uninstall ImagePrinter Pro Installing ImagePrinter Pro in the Network

Setting Up ImagePrinter Pro.

Getting Started Printing to File

ImagePrinter Pro – Basics.
Print Settings.
Configuring the Output File.
File Format.
Create a custom page size.
Advanced PDF Settings.

Delivering Print-Ready Documents E-mailing

FTP Delivery using ImagePrinter Pro

Image processing.
How to Rotate an Image.
How to Convert Document to Image using ImagePrinter Pro Convert AutoCAD drawing (*.dwg) to PDF.
Convert DjVu to PDF.
Convert Excel to PDF.
How to convert Word to PDF.
How to print PDF to JPG.
How to Convert Word to JPG.
Technical Support.

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