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Brick-and-mortar retailers seek new solutions to give their customers a smoother, faster self-service pickup process.
Find scalable automated pickup options for your retail needs here.
Automated Pickup for All Sizes.
Exceed your unique retail needs with a wide range of click-and-collect options.
From smart lockers to pickup towers, choose a pickup solution as secure as it is convenient.
Leverage the data at your fingertips to improve uptime, availability, and satisfaction.
We blend high-tech products with advanced services to give you more flexible solutions.
From small- to large-scale deployment, find the right automated package pickup station for you.
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Retail Automated Pickup Solutions.
Cleveron 401.
Automated pickup tower storing up to 520 packages at a time.
The 16ft.-tall Cleveron 401 pickup tower offers flexible deployment options with internal climate control capabilities for indoor or outdoor use.
Cleveron 302.
Modular, intelligent smart locker system.
Designed with ease-of-use in mind, .

The Cleveron 302 focuses on the end-user experience for online order pickup

Cleveron 402.
Perfect for delivering 100-1000 packages per day, the Cleveron 402 offers the fastest and most efficient automated smart locker solution on the market.
Cleveron 403.

Automated Pickup for Small-Format Stores

Ideal for stores delivering 20-200 packages per day, .

The Cleveron 403 delivers an efficient pickup experience in a compact design

QuickCollect CT.
Fully customizable shopping cart retrieval system.
A dynamic order retrieval solution designed for big box retailers and home improvement stores.
QuickCollect XL.

Drive-Up Automated Grocery Kiosk

Drive-up, refrigerated self-service retrieval system for convenient, 24/7 online grocery and non-grocery order pick-up.
QuickCollect RX.
Experience the QuickCollect RX, a self-service Rx pickup kiosk that automates the prescription pickup process.
Solution Brief.

Exceed Customer Expectations with Automated Pickup

In the age of evolving consumer preferences, retail customers are trending toward shopping online because of its ease and convenience.
Find out how you can keep your retail operations ahead of the curve with click-and-collect solutions.
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What Technology is Driving the Future of Retail?

In an industry driven by cutting-edge technology, evolving consumer behavior, and bold innovators, see what new automations are driving change that will last.
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Retail Automated Pickup Updates

News and Innovation in the Retail Automated Pickup Space

Discover 5 key benefits beyond the hard ROI that an automated click-and-collect solution can give your retail store in a new report from Bell and Howell.

Walmart Adds to its E-Commerce Family

By leveraging its fleet of trucks to deliver products directly to its stores.

Walmart is already garnering success for minimizing last mile delivery costs

while passing on the savings to its consumers.
Report: Retail Click-and-Collect Experience – A Consumer”s Perspective.
In the age of evolving consumer preferences enabled by digital technologies, retail customers continue demanding convenience and ease of use while shopping online.
Finally, a Truly Comprehensive Click-and-Collect Solution.
Bell and Howell announced today its new click-and-collect model designed specifically for big box stores, warehouse clubs and other category specialists.

Bell and Howell Introduces CleverFlex Self-learning Click-and-Collect Terminals

Bell and Howell, the leader in retail click-and-collect solutions, announced today the availability of the next-generation of smart locker technology to retailers in North America.
As a service-focused organization with a national footprint.

Bell and Howell delivers comprehensive solutions for retail automated pickup

production mail, and industrial automation.
We exist to help customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve their customer experience.

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