This is where Clash of Clans private servers step in

Well, the cost of upgrading troops and building defense is only going to increase as you level up.
Ultimately it is going to become a backbreaking process, and the time one should invest in will go into the monotonous task of mining and raiding bases for Gold, Gems, and  Elixir.
This is where Clash of Clans private servers step in.
These private servers give you access to unlimited Gold, Gems, and Elixir through.

As soon as you install their APK file you get unlimited troops

zero build time and resources.

The latest version of CoC private servers work with TH12 and work on iOS also

All of these private servers have unlimited resources but what differentiates one server from another is uptime, performance, update frequency and the number of users it can handle at a time.

While Clash of Lights is considered as the best because it checks all the boxes

is worst.
The other two popular games of Supercell, .

Clash Royale and Boom Beach also have their own private servers

While work in the exact same manner, .

Boom Beach mod makes use of hybrid servers

Download and install.
file for private servers.
You can download these private severs from the links given above.
All of them have updated APKs.
You will get Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gems by installing this server.
You can upgrade your troops (, Be it P.
A, Goblin, Giants,) and event you can buy any of them without any effort and cost.
and enjoy Playing.

COL servers are enabled to from DDOS attacks and Malware and you will love server speed

You can even make where you can upgrade your dragons to max level using gems.
The upgrading process for each dragon varies and can be learned through another game called.
The mod provides unlimited everything which makes it easy to upgrade various dragons.

These upgrading tactics can be implemented on other troops in Clash of Lights server

You can download each version according to your device type and are modified mean you can make customize characters and building by installing these two versions of COM but if you are not interested in custom heroes and buildings then and is best for you.
This is totally on you now.

Now you will be wondering what is Clash of soul’s server

this is one of the best Custom you can download and enjoy.

Interesting thing is that it is similar to the Clash of lights

As Clash of Souls is also emulated by C# so it makes it’s best private server

You can play the game with because you will get endless resources with all modification.
Where as  add-ons even you can with this private server.
You can join different clans as you can do on original COC game even you can make your own clans and add friends.
How to install COS [Step by Step] We also have mods of other kingdom building games like Clash of Clans  so you can download clash of clans new version download some of these like or from this site.
For mods of other games you can try
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