Free Gold Watch: San Francisco’s Pinball Emporium

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Free Gold Watch: San Francisco ’s Pinball Emporium.

A few weeks back I reported on my trip to Arcade Expo 5.0 in Banning

I was actually there on vacation for a full week, so decided to drive up the coast from LA and check out San Francisco once the Expo’s festivities were over.

I had no real plan in San Francisco

other… Read More Arcade Odyssey: The Last Arcade.

Options for Classic Arcade Gaming in Miami

Florida are pretty limited.
I found myself in town for a couple of days back in November 2018 after visiting the Free Play Florida event, and was taken aback by Google’s distinct lack of suggestions for places to check out, given the size and cultural significance of… Read More The Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas.
Sin City.

Located some 270 miles north-east of Los Angeles

Las Vegas from the outside in never really struck me as a city I ever wanted to visit.
I have a couple of friends who swear by the place, and go annually for a full two-week vacation.
They’ve sung its praises for years, and so… Read More Game Room Tour: The Les Potts Collection.

I’ve got to know many UK-based arcade collectors over the years

It’s fair to say that each approaches the hobby in a different way.
Some take a technical approach to arcade game s – delving deep into the repair side of things in a quest to understand how cabinets work and figuring out ways to maintain… Read More Sunshine Laundromat, Brooklyn, NYC.
OK bear with me .
I know what you’re thinking.
“A laundromat.
On Arcade Blogger ?” Yes.
A laundromat.
This peculiarity is located on America’s Eastern Seaboard.
Wander down Manhattan Avenue , in Brooklyn NY, and you’ll see a typical urban scene.
Shops, cars, apartment building and a sidewalk.
Stop at number 800, and you’ll find a laundromat… Read More Retrovolt Arcade : Calimesa, CA.

I’ve been following Retrovolt Arcade on Instagram for some time now

and had a feeling that the place might be worth visiting one day.
The pictures showed an intimate arcade that was running with some success.
As luck would have it, I realised I was going to be in the area, as I was travelling… Read More Arcade Expo 4.0, Banning, CA.

The Museum of Pinball is a place you may not have heard of

for the simple reason that it is rarely open to the public.

Located east of Los Angeles on an 18 acre plot

the facility plays host to over 1,100 pinball and video arcade games from the classic and modern eras.
The amassed… Read More The Daytona Arcade Museum.
Thought I’d share some details of this place I stumbled across late last year after visiting the Free Play Florida event in Orlando.

I’ve not seen Daytona Arcade Museum mentioned before on any collector forums

so after finding out about the place, figured a visit would be in order.
Despite calling itself a museum, .

It… Read More Miami Pinball Museum

The handful of arcade video game manufacturers out there today, .

Are producing games that bear little resemblance to those around during the Golden Age

Gone are the days of single coin plays for high scores.
Video games today tend to be more about time limited or redemption based gameplay.
Which is a shame of course….
Read More Space Port: Arcade Training Videos.
A video post this week.

Space Port was a chain of arcades across America usually located within shopping malls

Along the lines of Time-Out, it was a staple of any eighties kid’s world.
As the name suggests, the branding was very space age.
I came across a couple of interesting videos on YouTube, that I… Read More Older posts Post to.

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